Death in Toronto – Attorney General Could Be to Blame

Ontario’s high-profile former attorney general, Michael Bryant, has been charged with dangerous driving and causing the death of a biker in an alleged fit of serious road rage.

During his tenure as attorney general, Bryant helped institute several controversial and severe traffic safety regulations.

According to a New York Times article, the incident was fairly minor at first, but escalated out of control. The accident involved a bicycle courier – Darcy Allen Sheppard, 33 – and Bryant who was driving his Saab convertible.

After the car and cyclist collided, Sheppard grabbed hold of the Saab’s driver’s side door, and Bryant, behind the wheel, allegedly took off while the biker held onto the car.

Witnesses said the car was speeding down the street with a person clinging to the side of it, and the car veered into oncoming traffic, the New York Times reported. Witnesses believed the driver was trying to get close to lampposts and mailboxes in an attempt to knock the person off the side of the vehicle.

After a final knock from a mailbox, Sheppard fell off the car. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died shortly thereafter, according to Toronto police.

Prior to the criminal charges that Bryant now faces, he was one of the province’s most prominent politicians, working hard to crack down on street racing and makes roads safer for Ontario residents.

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