Grand Theft Auto: But the Auto in Question is an Ambulance?

In Miami, Fla. it was. The ambulance was rushing down the street – typical, right? But this time it was for a different reason than rushing a patient to the hospital.

According to NBC News-Miami, 48-year-old Karen Taylor swiped an ambulance right off the street.

The most commonly stolen cars are Honda Civics and Accords – because they themselves are common. Typically if you steal a car, you aren’t really looking to stand out in a crowd. When Taylor stole the ambulance, it definitely stood out.

The vehicle was reported missing, and Taylor was spotted just hours later. She was arrested and charged with grand theft auto and resisting arrest – allegedly a bystander had to help the arresting officer get Taylor under control.

She is currently being held at $10,000 bond, and no criminal lawyer has been assigned to her case.

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