School Bombing, But No Injuries

In California this morning, San Mateo’s Hillside Highschool was evacuated because of a pipe bomb explosion in the building. Luckily, no one was injured – but a suspect is in custody, and may face criminal charges.

Though several cases of violence on school grounds have made the news, those aren’t the only ones that happen each year. Some cases of note are:

  • Columbine High School, Colorado 1999
  • Rocori High School, Minnesota 2003
  • Red Lake High School, Minnesota 2005
  • Amish School Shooting, Pennsylvania 2006
  • Virginia Tech Shooting, Virginia 2007
  • Northern Illinois University, Illinois 2008

Unlike the incidents listed above in which several people were killed, most shootings/bombings/threats that happen in the U.S. at high schools and colleges result in nothing more than just that: a threat.

While the examples above can be used as warnings and reminders that these terrible things can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time, our criminal defense system has practices in place to help avoid these situations, and handle them accordingly when they do crop up.

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