Good Samaritan Mayor Beaten with Lead Pipe in Milwaukee!

Criminal charges follow a strange scene outside the Wisconsin State Fair, Milwaukee’s mayor, Tom Barrett, was trying to help a screaming woman who was yelling for someone to call 911.

According to CNN, as Barrett approached the woman, he saw that she was holding a baby, and he thought the problem was with the kid – but as he reached for his phone to make the call, he realized the problem was actually with the man – Anthony Peters – who was holding a lead pipe and had been beating the woman. Now the angry Peters was coming at the mayor, and he succeeded.

The mayor suffered blows to the head and neck – and complained of a sore lip. He was hospitalized for his head and neck injuries, but would not elaborate further because of the pending criminal charges.

The situation arose from a domestic disturbance, and Peters’ family blames the mayor for the arrest.

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