Money in the Pot? California Might Look into It.

It’s been all over the news that the state of California is struggling financially, and many have questioned what can be done and made suggestions to help the state out. Now, one suggestion being considered to ease these problems would cause a dramatic change to the criminal defense laws.

According to a CNN report, California could rake in $1.4 billion in taxes if they legalized and taxed marijuana. The state already allows use of the drug for medical purposes, so making it legal would not be as big of a step as it would be for some other states.

Some of the pharmacies that dispense medical marijuana don’t discriminate about who they give the drug to, according to the report. While people in California caught with the drug can still face criminal charges, the laws regarding marijuana possession have become more lax.

As far as legalizing and taxing the drug, legislation might still be far away – but medical marijuana users in Oakland have already started paying a tax on their cannabis. It’s the first pot tax in the state, but it might not be the last.

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