Police Find Criminal ATM Fraud Ring

Police in Connecticut have arrested one man in what may be an international ATM cash-skimming ring, according to WFSB in Hartford.

Equipment was found attached to ATMs at Wachovia Bank and the Bank of America in Wellington, Conn., that collected card data and PIN numbers as customers used the ATM. Bank employees first noticed the suspicious additions to the ATMs and alerted police.

The ATMs were allegedly fitted with a small plastic flap that recorded the magnetic strip on the back of debit and credit cards. A small device was inserted under the key pad that recorded key strokes that then recorded the victim’s PIN number.

After employees alerted police, a surveillance camera was set up. Within a few hours, 34-year-old Martin Antonov allegedly came to remove the device, and was arrested.

Police believe Antonov, a Bulgarian native in the country on a Visa, may have been supplying the card information to accomplices overseas.

As a precaution against bank fraud, police suggest inspecting ATMs for anything added or suspicious before use.

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