Boston Trolley Operator Charged for Texting Crash

A subway trolley operator in Boston has been charged with gross negligence following a collision in May.

Aiden Quinn, 24, admitted to investigators he was texting seconds before the collision, according to CNN.

A news release from the office of District Attorney Daniel Conley said, “as Quinn was texting, he ran through yellow and red warning lights at about 25 mph within the subway tunnel. Quinn’s train then struck the two-car train ahead of him, which was stopped at another red light and had its brake lights on.”

Sixty-two people were injured in the crash, which caused an estimated $9 million in damages.

If convicted of the charges, Quinn could face a criminal sentence of up to three years in a Massachusetts prison and fined up to $5,000.

Quinn’s defense attorney, Michelle Menken, argued the criminal charge is baseless because there was no criminal intent.

The National Transportation Safety Board ruled that the cause of the crash was human error, after finding that the brakes, lights and other safety mechanisms functioned perfectly.

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