Four Charged in Wichita Burglary Spree

Police in Kansas are hoping a recent burglary spree in the city has come to an end following the arrest of four burglars caught in the act.

Police were called to Pat ‘N Bros bar in Wichita, Kan., by a silent alarm after thieves used a pry bar to break in, according to local ABC affiliate KAKE.

Once inside, thieves broke into the bar’s jukebox, cigarette machine and cash register.

Two of the suspects were caught en route to their getaway car. Two other accomplices were caught while escaping through the neighborhood.

Police suspect the same four men, three of whom are parolees, are behind a rash of similar break-ins in area bars and restaurants — 15 since April.

Meanwhile, in Saginaw Township, Michigan, thieves stole 50 TVs from a Holiday Inn Express. The hotel was replacing on CRT TVs with new flat-panel sets, which were being stored in a locked trailer on the property, according to WNEM.

Thieves cut through two locks on the trailer and made off with the who batch. The TVs are valued at $20,000 — which could qualify as grand larceny.

And in Memphis, Tennessee, burglars bored a hole through a pharmacy’s brick exterior wall and made off with prescription drugs — for the second time this month, according to WMC-TV.

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