Washington Lawsuit Aims to Stop Red Light Cameras

A class-action lawsuit in Washington state may put an end to traffic cameras and costly tickets in the state, according to KXLY.

The problem, according to the lawsuit, is the excessive fines issues to violators.

A 2005 state law stipulates that fines for traffic violations caught by the cameras must be in line with fines for parking tickets — $25 to $50 in most cities. However, some red light violators have been sent tickets of up to $125.

The lawsuit could force 18 cities to pay back thousands of dollars collected by the red light cameras.

Spokane, for example, has collected $189,000 in just seven months since installing the cameras.

One Response to Washington Lawsuit Aims to Stop Red Light Cameras

  1. Fighting my ticket says:

    Where can I find information on what I should do if I’ve received a $124 ticket for driving 31 in a 30mph area with a deceptive school zone sign (BTW, no kids were present). I noticed that this city is one being sued. What can I do?

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