Nude Burglar Invades Colorado Homes

Two Denver-area homeowners each found a shocking visitor in their home ‒ a nude intruder.

Clinton March, 24, was arrested in Golden, Colo., about 15 west of Denver, after a woman allegedly found him sleeping naked in a closet in her home. He fled, and went into a neighbor’s home, according to KDVR.

Ruth (who withheld her last name) went to investigate an open back gate, when she saw the suspect asleep over a small table in her storage closet.

“He found a sheet in this room that was tucked between his legs. And he was bent over. All I saw was a rear end,” says Ruth.

Ruth said she was not able to tell if the sleeping intruder was a man or a woman, but called 911. March awoke and ran off with her sheet.

Shortly thereafter, Ruth’s neighbor Delores (who also withheld her last name) found March in her bathroom, bent over her bathtub, wearing only her stockings.

Delores mistook March for her grandson, according to the KDVR story.

“I told him to get up. I said ‘Josh. Get up.’ He did,” she says.

“When he walked past the bookcase. I thought ‘That’s not Josh. He’s bigger, stockier,’” she says.

March left Delores’ home after covering up in her nightgown and scarf, only to find  police were waiting for him.

This apparently wasn’t Marches first nude brush with the law. According to the KDVR report, he was arrested in New Castle, Colo., on March 14, after employees at a motel reported him swimming nude in the pool there. He was not a registered guest of the motel.

Based on the facts presented, March could face burglary and indecent exposure charges. No word if he has found a criminal defense attorney.

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