Alabama Cops Fired over On-Camera Beating

Five Alabama police officers who brutally kicked and beat an unconscious suspect have been fired, according to a CNN report.

The indecent occurred after a high-speed chase through Birmingham in January of last year, and was filmed by the dashboard camera of one of the police cars.

In the video, police chase the suspects van for over 50 miles, which reached speeds of up to 100 mph before knocking down an officer standing in the roadway, careening up an on-ramp and finally flipping over.

The suspect, Anthony Warren, was ejected from the vehicle and was not moving when the Birmingham police approached him kicked and beat him with their batons for 11 seconds, according to CNN.

In his mugshot, taken five days later, Warren is badly bruised and wearing a neck brace.

The video was discovered by Police Chief A.C. Roper in March of this year as the district attorney’s office was preparing their case against Warren.

Warren was facing attempted murder charges, but his criminal defense team plea bargained for an aggravated assault charge. Warren is currently serving 20 years in prison.

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