Michael Vick out of Prison

CNN reports that Michael Vick left federal prison this morning, after serving 21 months out of his 23-month sentence.

Vick will serve the remainder of his sentence confined in his Virginia home. He was sentenced in August 2007 for bankrolling a dogfighting operation out of his home that crossed state lines.

Vick’s defense attorneys will now turn their attention to his bankruptcy case. Vick allegedly owes between $750,000 and $1 million to creditors.

A federal judge denied Vick’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan last month.

Vick will be working for a Newport, Va., construction firm following his release, and will receive a $600,000 fee for taking part in a documentary, according to the CNN story.

Vick’s agents are confident that the former quarterback will return to the NFL, possibly as soon as September, though there is no word on which team he might be playing for.

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