Inventor of Taser Stun Gun Dies

You may not know Jack Cover, but you might known his most famous creation. Hopefully, you’ve never experienced it. He was the creator of the Taser Stun Gun. Cover passed away at the age of 88 over the weekend.

Cover, a former NASA scientist, began working on the Taser in the 1960s. The Los Angeles Police Department began using the weapon as a new means to subdue criminal suspects in 1980s.

Currently, the stun guns are used by more than 13,400 law enforcement, correctional and military agencies in 44 countries, according to the Associated Press.

Still, the Taser is a controversial weapon. There have been many wrongful death and injury lawsuits filed on behalf of those on the receiving end of the gun’s electric current.

If you have been arrested, you still have criminal rights. What happens during an arrest, like the use of a Taser, can impact your criminal defense case.

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