Video Shows Police Beating Homeless Man During Arrest

On Feb. 9, a man recorded a video of two police officers in Fresno, Calif. brutally beating a 52-year-old homeless man during an arrest. The arresting officers say that Glen Beaty resisted arrest and has a criminal record that includes resisting arrest and a 2004 assault on a Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer has launched an investigation into the incident, which began approximately eight minutes before the video of the beating was recorded. The two officers shown in the video have been put on limited duty, pending the outcome of the internal investigation.

The video of what looks to be excessive force and police brutality was given to KSEE News by the amateur videographer. After the story broke and the video was made public, Dyer said that the recording was started after Beaty punched one of the officers in the arm, ripped the badge off his shirt and attempting to stab him in the arm with a pen.

On video Beaty is shown being thrown to the ground by the officers. After he is on the ground, one officer rapidly punches him in the face four times as he is being handcuffed. The officer then delivers another blow after Beaty is restrained.

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The officers said they did not deploy their Taser guns because Beaty was wearing a thick coat at the time of his arrest.

The police report indicates that Beaty smelled of alcohol, had alcohol all around him, and was uncooperative when he was questioned. The police did not interview witnesses to the incident, but Dyer says that witness statements will be taken during the internal investigation.

After officers arrested Beaty, an ambulance was called to transport him to the hospital.

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