Chris Brown and Criminal Rights

It’s been a wild week for the press as they try to hunt down details on the charges brought against music pop star Chris Brown.

Brown was arrested on a felony domestic abuse charges the night before the Grammy Awards. He did not appear as scheduled on that show, and he has canceled a slew of concerts and appearances in the wake of the arrest.

Increasing attention are the widespread rumors that the victim of the alleged assault was his girlfriend, pop star Rihanna. The police have not yet identified the assault victim.

The media frenzy is already going in full force, and many advertisers sponsoring Brown have dropped him.

How has Brown reacted? By exercising some of his criminal rights. First, he hired a famous criminal defense attorney that previously represented Michael Jackson.

Not everyone charged with a crime may be able to hire a top gun lawyer. But anyone accused of a crime does have the right to legal counsel. And while the court of public opinion may carry on, Brown, like every U.S. citizen, has rights to a speedy trial by jury, among others.

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, or are facing any criminal charges, remember that you still have rights. Many people, like Brown, choose to exercise their rights by seeking the help of a criminal defense attorney.

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