“Caylee Sunshine” Doll Causes Outcry

Showbiz Promotions planned to create a doll to honor the deaths of young children by launching the “Caylee Sunshine” doll.  Jaime Salcedo, the president of the company, told CNN that the money from the doll would be donated to charity.

However, the new toy has yet to make it to shelves after public outrage that included family members of Caylee Anthony, the slain toddler whose story has been in the headlines for a while. The doll was set to go on sale on Tuesday, Jan. 22 and retail for $29.99. Unlike the toddler, the doll has blond hair. She is dressed in jeans and a T-shirt that reads “Caylee Sunsine.” The doll plays the song “You are my Sunsine.”

“While we still feel it is important to raise awareness and raise money to help stop this type of crime from being committed, we feel we can be more effective using traditional methods,” said a statement on the Web site and signed by Salcedo.

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