Google Helps Convict Murderer

According to CNET, searches in Google’s log helped convict a husband of murder. Justin Barber was convicted of murder when the prosecution introduced record of his Google searches into the court as evidence.

After searching Justin’s computer, investigators found that Justin had searched the terms “trauma, cases, gunshot, right chest” and “Florida & divorce.” He had also downloaded the Guns N’ Roses song “Used to Love Her” but deleted it after the death of his wife, April.

On August 17, 2002, Justin and April were walking along the beach in Florida. Justin told the police that the two were robbed and shot. He had been shot four times – in his left hand, left shoulder, base of his neck and chest. April was shot in the face and died. Although Justin described the robber, April’s family was suspicious. A $2 million life insurance policy had been taken out on Justin and April, and Justin was facing $50,000 of debt.  Justin was also involved in affairs.

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