Crackdown on No-Pilates Zone

A different kind of law enforcement crackdown has hit Santa Monica, CA. Park Rangers are being dispatched by the police department to respond to neighborhood complaints around the Fourth Street median. The area offers an ocean view, distracting architectural scenery and beautiful weather for people looking for a spot to exercise outside.

According to The New York Times, in the last six months, the area has seen an increase in officers stationed on the corner of Fourth Street and Adelaide Drive throughout the day. Their job is to make sure that the median is used strictly for walking, jogging and running – no more stretching or kickingboxing allowed.

So far, the city has warned more than 600 people a month and issued a total of eight citation at $158 each. The neighbors and runners cannot reach an agreement on how the median should be used, so a community meeting is set up for January 8 to talk about how to use the area.

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