After litigation, Depression-era currency only adds up to a few thousands

According to CNN, Bob Kitts, a contractor, found $182,000 in Depression-era currency in a bathroom wall during a renovation. After the discovery, Kitts and the homeowner, Amanda Reece, couldn’t agree how to split the money. In the end, Reece, who had been considering bankruptcy, and Kitts only ended up with a few thousand dollars each.

In 2006, Kitts was tearing out a bathroom wall in a home near Lake Erie when he came across two green lockboxes inside the wall.  The boxes contained white envelopes labeled with a return address to P. Dunne News Agency.

The two were excited about the find, but when they sat down to try to work it out, they couldn’t agree on the terms. The case ended up in court, which lead to 21 descendants of Patrick Dunne also getting a split of the money. Dunne was a businessman who hid the money during the bank collapses of the Depression.

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