Mislabeling Sexual Offenders

Danny Seals has accidentally been labeled a sexual offender and is now facing criminal charges for failing to register his address, according to the Newark Advocate. More than 10 years ago, Seals was charged with kidnapping and abduction. He served his sentence and was released in 1999, but he was placed on the Ohio Sex Offender Registry even though he did not commit a sex crime.

Today Seals is in the Licking County jail, being charged with a felony for living at an unregistered address, which is a violation of the registry. If convicted, he could face up to 16 years in jail. The Ohio Sex Offender Registry is available to the public. Since being placed on the list, he has been turned down for jobs, had his car spray-painted with “molester” and “predator,” and watched his stepchildren be teased by classmates about their father.

Are we punishing the innocent?  Read more here.

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