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In February 2008, Nebraska’s government passed a safe haven law that went into effect in July.  The law allows parents or guardians to leave children with hospital staff.  The problem is, the legislation didn’t specify if there was a maximum age for the child.  According to Nebraska law, a child is anyone under the age of 18 or 19.  Since the law went into effect, 16 children have been abandoned at hospitals – most of them teenagers.  Parents who can no longer handle their child’s bad behavior are dropping their teenagers off at hospitals and managing to escape prosecution.

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A study released by the Uniform Crime Report found that violent crime declined in 2007.  The offices reported a total of 1,408,337 violent crimes, which was a .7 percent decline from 2007. Violent crimes are considered murder, manslaughter, rape and assault. All four areas had a decline in numbers.  The study also showed that there were a total of 9,843,481 property crimes in 2007, for a 1.4 percent decrease. Property crime is considered burglary, larceny and theft, motor vehicle theft and arson.  In an unrelated survey, the Death Penalty Information Center found that the number of executions this year are at a 13-year low.

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