Judge Rules Sex Offender Can’t Change His Name

A Florida Judge decided a convicted sex offender will not be legally allowed to change his name.

Jason Landis lost his battle to change his name to Edmond Dantes, the character in the novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” who vengefully retaliated against people who helped to wrongfully convict him.

Prosecutors opposed the name change because of the particular storyline behind his wished name and they warned those who were connected to Landis’ past criminal cases to watch out for possible acts of retaliation.

Landis was convicted of sex crimes and drug crimes while a college student, with at least 11 criminal convictions under his belt. Three years ago, Landis was acquitted of a near-fatal rape. He said he wanted to change his name because Internet searches were keeping him connected to those crimes–and to the rape that he was later acquitted of.

“The court understands the applicant’s desire to distance himself from a violent crime for which he was acquitted,” the ruling judge said. “But the public, who deals with the applicant in the future, has the right to know they are dealing with a convicted felon…and a sex offender.”

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