No Ticket for Nakedness: Nudists Get Thumbs Up from Judge

After complaints of lewd behavior, state park officials announced they would crackdown on nudists at a popular beach known for its bare bodies in northern California.

Signs banning nakedness suddenly appeared on the property and officials warned that after the Labor Day weekend, if you weren’t properly covered, you would be ticketed.

Nudists sued the California Department of Parks and Recreation, saying that the sudden crackdown on nudity required a public hearing.

For nearly 30 years, the park department followed a policy saying that fully exposed people would be subject to enforcement only if a private citizen complains.

An Orange County Superior Court Judge sided with the nudists, ruling that officials must follow the current policy of permitting full nudity and any change to the policy requires a public hearing under the Administrative Procedure Act.

Nudists rejoiced in the ruling and said the complaints of lewd behavior were related to riffraff happening in the beach’s parking lot, which was unrelated to them.

Park officials said they would abide by the judge’s ruling. It has yet to be seen if the department plans to hold a public meeting in an effort to attempt once again to ban the bare beachers.

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