More Cities Drop Handgun Bans After Supreme Court Decision

Another update is due concerning the consequences of the DC v. Heller Supreme Court decision that struck down the handgun ban in the U.S. capital city.

After we reported that the Chicago suburbs of Wilmette and Morton Grove had voted to repeal their own bans on handguns within city limits, word has come that Martinsburg, West Virginia has clarified its own laws regarding handguns, officially stating that it only bans guns in public buildings, but that carrying of handguns on the street is legal.  Previously, the legality of carrying guns anywhere downtown had been in dispute.

Furthermore, Evanston, Illinois, another suburb of Chicago, has just announced that it struck down a similar handgun ban.  Evanston was challenged by a lawsuit from the National Rifle Association, and wished to avoid an expensive legal battle.  The NRA has also targeted Oak Park, Illinois and the city of Chicago, though the latter city has vowed to battle the lawsuit in court.

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