Vigilante Firefighters Arrested While Real Firefighters Pose for TV

At Total Criminal Defense, we recently profiled the tragic story of the Curtis brothers, who saved their home and an entire town from a California wildfire by setting backfires near their property, only to find themselves arrested because they were not professional firefighters.

So where were the professional firefighters while the Curtis family risked their lives and risked being charged with crimes in order to save their home?  According to a recent LA Times article, they may have been flying around looking pretty for the tv cameras.

The article interviews fire chiefs and other professionals disgusted with political pressure to make impressive-looking drops of water and fire retardant from helicopters and planes even when it does no actual good, because it looks good for television.  By giving the visual impression of doing something helpful to stop the fires, authorities look better in the face of wildfires that can sometimes be virtually impossible to stop.

Makes their arrest of the Curtis brothers all the more absurd, doesn’t it?

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