7 Arrested for Cheering During Graduation

Though not exactly hardened criminals, several attendees of graduation at Fort Mill High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina, were marched away in shackles, as local police began cracking down on disruptive celebrations during the event.  That’s right, they were arrested for cheering when the names of the family members they came to support were announced.   A warning was given before the ceremony, though no intimation that those who violated the rule could be arrested.

The school requested that the police force be brought in to deal with what it deemed was excessive disruption in previous graduation ceremonies.  However, it seems that instead of hewing to their role as intimidating discouragers, the officers chose instead to arrest the offending parties.  Those arrested face up to 30 days in prison and a $1,000 fine on charges of disorderly conduct.

One of those arrested wanted to cheer because, according to him, “it was like a funeral in there.”

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