Social Networking Site Bans Users Older than 36

According to a recent article from, minor social networking site Faceparty, which bills itself as the “Biggest Party on Earth,” has deleted the accounts of all users older than 36 in an effort to prevent sexual predators from misusing the site.

In a company notice, Faceparty acknowledges that only a minority of users older than 36 are sex offenders, but that because of new legislation requiring social networking sites to check users’ email addresses against those of registered sex offenders, they had to delete all over-36 accounts. It seems Faceparty doesn’t have an email-verification policy, and the mass deletion was the only way to be safe.

Except that the “new legislation” mentioned in the notice is actually only a proposal. Faceparty executives have insisted that their move was not “ageist,” despite the fact that it was based solely on the ages of users.

But the bigger question seems to be what’s so magical about 36? Does this mean some otherwise harmless, law-abiding citizens magically become sex offenders on their 36th birthdays? Either the coordinators of Faceparty are following some abstruse logic or they’ve made a bizarre and arbitrary decision about their users.

New Jersey passed legislation early this year banning sex offenders from social networking sites.

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