NYPD Nails Ring of Cop Impersonators

WCBS-TV in New York City is reporting that a group of men impersonating NYPD officers who participated in abductions and torture of East Coast drug traffickers has been arrested and indicted in a Brooklyn court for robbery conspiracy and drug dealing as well as numerous other crimes.

The eight men indicted allegedly would meticulously plan their abductions and conduct full-scale police raids as New York City police officers, then detain the dealers as well as family members for up to weeks at a time, torturing the dealers with techniques such as waterboarding while they sold the drugs they confiscated on the street themselves. According to news reports, they conducted up to 100 of these raids in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida. They reportedly also stole around 1,650 pounds of cocaine worth $20 million as well as $4 million in cash.

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