Give Me Back My Privacy!

Did you know that the FBI has plans to invade the privacy of Americans by compiling “biometric” databases?

It has been reported that data including digital images of faces, fingerprints and palm prints are already being collected, however, there are plans to also gather data including iris patterns, face shapes, scars, speech patterns and even gaits.

The technology is not new. This biometric data is already being used at the Pentagon and and the Defense Department. Also, the Department of Homeland Security reportedly already uses iris scans during some airport security checks.

Read more about the FBI’s 10-year plan to compile these biometric databases in our criminal defense articles section.

3 Responses to Give Me Back My Privacy!

  1. Justin says:

    ELIEZER ( LOUIS ) Kestenbaum was also arrested with the rabbi of spinka as being a part of the money laundering team. Kestenbaum is the president of the ODA …

  2. yossi says:

    Who kind of animals would say these things? Everyone in the Jewish community knows it’s the Schlesingers, Victor and Gershy, and their computer guy Zilu Sofer, who are trying to slander Kestenbaum’s name. Both the Jewish community and non-Jews know that the Schlesingers are crooks and criminals, and can see how stupid they are to take an article about someone else and change the names around just for spite.

  3. Rachel says:

    Louis Kestenbaum from williamsburg the ODA and fortis is an old diviant and crook, he was on trial just recently in ohio for similar diuretic acts, He is known as a vulgar person who behaves like an animal in the presence of good looking women, What about the story in Romania ? He was jailed briefly there when the old satmar rebbi died and he wasnt able to be at the levia.. or the story with girls in thailand asia? Bottom line Louis kestenbaum is bad news I would not let my kids and so would alot of people in williamsburg not allow their kids near him. he is just a doberman in disguise of a human

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