Michael Vick Gets 23 Months

After a 90-minute hearing in Virginia Monday morning, Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison after being found guilty of financing a dogfighting ring and assisting in the execution of dogs that didn’t fight aggressively, reports CNN.com.

The 27-year-old Vick was one of the best-paid NFL players, but is now on the brink of financial ruin and facing state charges related to dogfighting in addition to his federal charges. The state charges, all felonies, could mean up to five more years in prison if he’s convicted.

In addition to the criminal charges, Vick is facing millions of dollars in debt for various loans and credit lines, since the Atlanta Falcons are trying to collect some of the bonus money he made on his ten-year, $130 million contract.

The former quarterback agreed to pay $928,000 for the care of the 54 pitbulls found on his property. He turned himself in last month to begin serving his sentence early.

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