Convicted Felon Accidentally Elected to Public Office

David Glaspie of Oxford, Indiana was recently elected to the position of member-at-large on his town’s council, reports the Lafayette Journal & Courier. But, thanks to two felony convictions from 1993 (for intimidation with a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness), he may never get a chance to serve.

The application to run for office contains specific questions about prior convictions, but Glaspie says he was advised by unnamed sources that, because his convictions were irrelevant at the local level, he shouldn’t worry about including them. Now, though, local councilmen are expressing concern about his criminal past.

One councilman suggested that Glaspie should not only be denied his seat on the town’s council, but dismissed from his job with the town’s street and sewer department. No mention was made of any behavior during Glaspie’s employment that would lead to such a termination.

The town of Oxford is in an uncomfortable situation, since the deadline to contest the election has expired and Glaspie is technically ineligible to serve.

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