Uncle Kracker Sorry For Pleading Guilty

Singer Uncle Kracker, aka Matthew Shafer, claims that despite his recent guilty plea, he did not sexually assault a woman in a North Carolina nightclub.  And he is sorry that he had to plead guilty to any charge at all.

Shafer was accused of putting his hand up a woman’s skirt at the nightclub, but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor assault so that he would not have to go through a trial.

According to Shafer, what really happened was that the 26-year-old woman hit him after he had bumped into her.  So like any decent man, he hit her back.  The woman reported the incident to an off-duty police officer and later Shafer was arrested and charged with a sexual assault.

In order to avoid going to trial, Shafer pled guilty in September to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to 12 months of probation.  He was also fined $1,500 and ordered to undergo an alcohol assessment.

Shafer says that he has regrets about the incident, but not about the way he reacted when the woman hit him.  He says there was nothing remotely sexual about the assault, but he did not want to waste time and money and be a spectacle at trial so he agreed to plead guilty to the lesser charge, which was probably more appropriate anyway.

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