Zero Tolerance Gone Crazy

A man in Fort Walton Beach, Florida was arrested and charged with petty theft after being caught on a surveillance camera eating a handful of jelly beans without paying for them.

The 34 year old man was shopping at an Albertson’s store when he stopped at the candy bin and helped himself to a few jelly beans.

After he paid for his purchases at the register, he was confronted by an off duty deputy  and asked if the candy he had eaten was good.  The man reportedly said, “Yes.”

The deputy told the store manager that the man had eaten about 10 raspberry flavored candies , but the man denied having more than two.

The man said he had been an Albertson’s customer for 30 years and he was just trying the candy to see if he wanted to buy some.  He was then told that the store did not offer free samples and if he had been shopping there for so many years, then he should have known that.

The man was issued a trespass warning and will not be allowed back at the Albertson’s store.  The store manager also insisted that he be arrested because the store has a “zero tolerance” policy against shoplifting.

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