Burglar Really Cleans Up

A burglar in Montgomery, Alabama got more than he bargained for when he decided to rob the home of Adrian and Tiffany McKinnon.

When the McKinnon’s came home after being out of town for a week, they found that a robber had cleaned out their home.  Well, clean in sense that they had stolen everything of value, but filthy in the sense that trash and filth was left everywhere in the house.

Adrian sent Tiffany to visit her sister while he surveyed the damage in the home.  As he walked through the house, he literally bumped into the burglar who was entering the home again through the back door.

Adrian held the burglar at gunpoint and made him sit on the floor while he thought of a plan.  What he came up with was almost brilliant.  He made the robber, Tajuan Bullock, clean up the mess he had made in the house.

When police got there, Bullock complained to them that he had been forced to clean the house at gunpoint.  Police laughed at him and told him that he was lucky that he hadn’t been killed.

Bullock was arrested on burglary and theft charges.

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