Burglar Asks Woman Why She Is In His House

An Alabama woman got a rude surprise when she returned home after an extended trip.

A man she didn’t know was in her bed and a woman in the house was wearing her clothing. Then another man in the house walked up to her and asked her why she was in his house!

Kim Ledford called the police and found out that the people in her home were burglars who had taken up residence in the house while she was away. Police arrested two of the people in the house for burglary, but for some reason didn’t charge the man who was sleeping in Ledford’s bed.

Kelly Jo Moore, 45, and Cornelius Goode, 29, were arrested. Moore told police that she would leave the house “if it was a problem” and Goode falsely claimed that he owned the house. Police reportedly found Goode to be in possession of drug paraphernalia.

The pair have found a new home now, in the county jail.

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