Armed Robbery Accomplice To Testify Against OJ

When OJ Simpson and several accomplices were accused of an armed robbery in Las Vegas last month, the charges against the men really piled up.

Because of the number and the seriousness of the charges against the men, at least one of them has reportedly agreed to testify against Simpson.

Police allegedly have a 45-page transcript of their interview with one of the accused men, Walter Alexander, in which he says that Simpson told him to bring firearms to the alleged hotel robbery to let the victims know they meant business.

Alexander has reportedly agreed to plead guilty to felony conspiracy to commit armed robbery and to testify against Simpson at trial. Alexander could face up to six years in prison. His attorney says that his testimony will clarify OJ Simpson’s role in the alleged armed robbery.

Alexander, Simpson, and four other men involved in the alleged armed robbery were arrested and charged with 10 felony counts each including armed robbery, kidnapping, assault, burglary and conspiracy. Two memorabilia dealers allege that they were robbed of $80,000 worth of sports memorabilia.

Simpson also faces an additional charge of coercion.

Another alleged Simpson accomplice, Charles Cashmore, reportedly will plead guilty to felony accessory to robbery. His attorney says that he will testify as to which men had guns during the alleged robbery. Cashmore could face up to five years in prison.

A hearing is set of October 23 and attorneys for both Cashmore and Alexander have said that they will ask the judge for probation.

OJ Simpson maintains that no weapons were present during the incident and that he went to the memorabilia dealers’ hotel room only to retrieve items that had been stolen from him by his former agent.

Simpson is expected to appear at a preliminary hearing on November 8. He is currently free on $125,000 bond.

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