A 6-yr-old Criminal?

The Brooklyn Paper reports on the city’s latest graffiti crime: someone apparently called 311 after seeing the suspect marking up residential sidewalk space…with sidewalk chalk.  The tagger was a six-year-old girl decorating her front stoop, the Paper discloses.  Good thing officials were notified.

The girl’s family reportedly received a warning letter from a city agency, demanding the removal of the graffiti.  So… basically rain.

Peeved at the action taken, the girl’s mother is reportedly wondering why he didn’t simply ask her if she was aware of her daughter’s defacing activities.  Plus, she told the Paper, there are more egregious violations in the neighborhood, like pet waste, garbage, and loud car alarms.

But maybe the neighbor had a reason for calling authorities, like an allergy to chalk…or happiness.

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