Is Kiefer The New Paris?

It turns out, when Kiefer Sutherland was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving on September 24, it wasn’t his first time being arrested for DUI.  It wasn’t even his first time in the last 5 years.

Kiefer was also arrested for DUI back in 2004 with a reported blood alcohol level of .22 percent and pleaded no contest to the charge.  He was given 5 years probation.   So that means that when he was pulled over for making an illegal U-turn on September 24, and then arrested for DUI, he was still on probation.

Since this is his second time around, if convicted of DUI, under California law there is mandatory jail time.  Well, we’ve seen the mandatory minimum jail sentences before with Nicole Richey’s famous 82 minutes and Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming 1 day or less behind bars.  But wait, remember Paris Hilton?

Sutherland will be in court for this DUI arrest on October 16.  Guess who the judge is?  Anyone remember the Honorable Michael Sauer?  Judge Sauer is the one who threw the book at Paris Hilton when she violated her probation.  Paris wasn’t drunk when she violated probation and she was sentenced to 45 days in jail by Sauer.

This could be very bad news for Kiefer.

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