OJ Simpson, Arrested and Behind Bars

OJ Simpson was arrested today in Las Vegas and reportedly has been charged with 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, 2 counts of  robbery with a deadly weapon, one count of burglary with the use of a deadly weapon and one count of conspiracy to commit robbery with a deadly weapon. 

 It was first reported that bail for the Juice had been set at $78,000, however current reports from Las Vegas indicate that the judge has ordered Simpson to be held without bail.

The charges stem from an incident late last week in which OJ has allegedly said was his own private sting operation to recover sports memorabilia which he reportedly said belongs to him.

The victim in the case, memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley, had reported to police that OJ Simpson, flanked by several thugs with guns, came to his hotel room and said that they were police officers.  They then reportedly roughed up someone in the room, demanded the victims’ cell phones and took all of the sports memorabilia that was in the room.  Beardsley had reported to police that during the armed robbery, Simpson and his pals even took memorabilia that was not related to Simpson.

The case got a little weird yesterday when Beardsley got squirrely and backed off his story a bit.  He reported to media that he and Simpson are old friends and “fight like brothers” and that the incident had been blown out of proportion.  Nothing like a little back tracking to keep your head on straight!

Incidentally, OJ and Beardsley do go way back.  Beardsley testified for Simpson in the wrongful death lawsuit against him and at that time told the court that Simpson memorabilia is not nearly as valuable since he was acquitted of the double murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

One Response to OJ Simpson, Arrested and Behind Bars

  1. Nancy drury says:

    OJ and his defense lawyers need to invistigate Mr. Goldman because it seems that OJ was set up. My goodness, whatever is Mr. Goldman doing in Las Vegas and supposedly to testify? Whats he got to do with the matters at hand? Seems that Mr. Goldman has a very high stake in putting OJ behind bars , so in my opinion I think Goldman had a hand in the set up of OJ. I’m also wondering how OJ is ever going to get a fair trial. Wake up people !! This was a set up !!

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