Rumbling Tummy Rues the Day for Gunman

Most people who order pizzas don’t end up getting arrested when the pie arrives. Then again, most people who order pizzas don’t do so while holding people hostage in the home.

A New Jersey man with multiple weapons was arrested by a SWAT team last week, according to The 37-year-old man was apparently in his parents’ home with his 18-year-old girlfriend when the incident occurred. After his parents reportedly escaped from the premises, he held his girlfriend against her will while threatening suicide.

Things may have gotten nasty, except that the gunman had forgotten to eat dinner. According to the article, he ordered a pizza and, when it was delivered, unwittingly let a SWAT team in the house. The SWAT team managed to restore peace and arrest the hungry gunman.

Maybe next time he’ll pack a snack.

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