Cheetos–The Cheese that Goes Crunch…

With the recent reports of buttered microwave popcorn linked to certain lung illnesses, it seems that junk food is becoming dangerous, and not just because it adds pounds to your hips.

When it comes to the cheesy snack puff Cheetos, apparently “Dangerously Cheesy” isn’t just a slogan, but a warning…

A Des Moines, Iowa man was arrested for domestic assault after he threw a bag of Cheetos at his father. 22-year-old Patrick Hamman threw the bag and hit his father, Michael Hamman, in the face, causing his glasses to cut into the bridge of his nose and also causing an explosion of Cheeto dust over his father’s clothes and body.

The younger Hamman admitted to being high on methamphetimines at the time of the incident.

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