California Couple Charged with Torturing Toddler

After a two-month relationship, a South Bay couple have been charged with abusing and torturing the woman’s 22-month old toddler. The boy had injuries from his head to his toes.

Julia Acosta and Baltazar Martinez face life sentences if convicted of the charges.

Santa Clara County supervising district attorney, Dan Nishigaya, told the San Jose Mercury News that the torture charge was included because of the severity of the injuries, which include bruises of varying colors – yellow, black, blue, purple and red – over the boy’s entire body and major trauma to the boy’s genitals. Police reports said the boy’s head and eyebrows had been shaved, his eyelashes cut and there were two burns, possibly caused by a meth pipe, on the boy’s left arm and back.

Both Acosta and Martinez denied hurting the child. At one point, Acosta even said the boy had been taken by a drug dealer “as collateral” for a debt Martinez owed. Acosta also alleged that the boy’s bruises had been caused by a “3-year-old known as Gordo who played rough.” Martinez blamed the bruises on the falls taken by the child.

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