Girlfriend Has The Last Word With Pepper Spray

Police say a Florida woman, who was arguing with her boyfriend while he was driving, had the last word by spraying him with pepper spray, which would seem to not be the smartest thing to do.

Janine Marie Kelly, 25, was reportedly getting a ride home from having drinks at a friend’s house from her boyfriend late Tuesday night when her temper boiled over.  Her boyfriend, 26 year old Brian Ditalma, was the source of her rage.

The two give differing accounts of the fight.  Ditalma says they were arguing about everything, including money, the kids, relationship status and deception.  Kelly says that Ditalma physically pushed her and that’s when she reached for her pepper spray.

What happened next they both agree on.  She sprayed him directly in the face with the pepper spray while he was driving.

Blinded, Ditalma slowed the car to a crawl and Kelly reportedly opened the car door.  He says she rolled out, she says he pushed her out.  A witness, who happens to be the couple’s 6 year old child who was also in the car, says the car hit a bump and she fell out. 

Kelly was uninjured and Ditalma was able to stop the car.  She was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery and held without bail.

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