L.A. County Sheriff Being Investigated for Paris Hilton Perks

The Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department has launched an internal investigation into whether it failed to meet its promise to treat Paris Hilton like any other inmate. The Los Angeles Times reports that L.A. County jail officials at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California may have given Hilton perks not given to other prisoners.

Officers have complained Hilton had free access to a cell phone, while other inmates have to wait for scheduled time at a pay phone. She was given a new prison uniform, while other inmates got recycled ones. She even received daily visits from a captain who hand-delivered her mail.

A Times study did show that Paris spent more time in jail than most inmates confined for the same charges.

The President of the Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff’s Association said L.A. County Sherriff, Lee Baca, is “beholden to the Hollywood set.”

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