Sheriff Wants Female Inmate Charged With Felony

In Yuma, Arizona a female inmate allegedly had sex with 3 sheriff detention officers and the sheriff is asking for felony charges against her.

The inmate, Shannon Rose, appeared in court on Tuesday on seven counts of felony sex acts by a prisoner.  The Yuma County Attorney is to decide if she will be formally charged.

The detention officers involved are no longer employed by the Sheriff’s Department.  They have been charged with felonies for alleged sex acts with four female inmates over the course of several months.

In court Rose admitted to performing oral sex on at least 3 detention officers during the 9 months that she has been incarcerated.  She says she would pass sexy notes to the officers to strike up conversations with them.  This led to at least a dozen sexual acts with the men, according to Rose.

Rose was due to be released from prison in three weeks, but if charged she could face more time behind bars.

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