Florida Man Accused of Drowning Father Suffering From Alzheimers

A Fort Lauderdale, Florida man has been accused of causing the death of his 84-year-old father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Miami television station WPLG, reports that Robert Yurkanin Jr. caused the death of Robert Yurkanin Sr. last month while teaching him a lesson about stripping naked at the beach.

As reported by WPLG, witnesses told police Yurkanin Jr. got upset when his father took off his bathing suit. He dragged him into the water, saying “this is the only way he is going to learn.” While putting his father’s suit back on, Yurkanin Jr. left his father’s head under water. Once the suit was on, Yurkanin Jr. pulled his unconscious father to the shoreline, but left him at the water’s edge, where waves crashed over his body. Meanwhile, this jerk went for a swim. An autopsy ruled the father’s death a homicide. Yurkanin Jr. is being held without bond.

The local prosecutor must decide what criminal charge to bring: reckless or intentional homicide.

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