Wife Arrrested After Taking Husband To Hospital

Michael Moylan recently woke up with a killer headache.  It’s surprising that he woke up at all.

He was hurting so badly that he asked his wife to drive him to the hospital to get checked out.  He never guessed that the doctors would find a bullet lodged in his head behind his right ear.  When told that he had been shot he was in disbelief.

April Moylan, who is Micheal’s wife, reportedly fled the hospital when she learned that a bullet had been found.  Police found her and when questioned she said she had accidentally shot her husband while he slept. 

Micheal must really be a sound sleeper.  It’s hard to believe someone could sleep through a shot to the head!

April Moylan was arrested after police got a warrant and searched the couple’s home and found bloody rags and a gun.

Micheal Moylan will likely recover from his injury but will the marriage survive?  If he stays with April he’ll have to sleep with one eye open from now on.

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