Fast Food Road Rage

A commuter in Virgina is the third person to be recently arrested in a road rage incident involving fast food items being flung at other drivers.

On Wednesday, Latasha Johnson allegedly threw a Dairy Queen Blizzard from her car at another motorist on Route 1 in Spotsylvania County.

Johnson was charged with a felony for this offense, throwing a missile at an occupied vehicle.  A missile?  Since when did a frozen dairy treat become a missile?  Apparently when you launch it a another driver who enrages you.

Johnson was released on $2,000 bond.  She faces 1 to 5 years in prison and a $2,500 fine in connection with the incident.

A previous caper involving another driver from Jacksonville, North Carolina became known as the “McMissile” case because the object the woman threw at the other driver was a McDonald’s cup full of ice.  This driver, an unemployed mother who’s husband is serving in Iraq,  was sentenced to two years in jail, but released after 7 weeks.

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