Teacher Acquitted Of Abuse Charges

An Italian teacher who made a student write “I am a retard” 100 times as a punishment has been acquitted of abuse charges.

The 12 year old boy who was punished had blocked another student from going to the restroom and taunted him by calling him “girly” and “gay”.

The prosecutor in the case had asked that the teacher be given a 2 year prison sentence.  The student’s parents also asked for $33,580 in damages.  Neither request was granted because the case was thrown out.

The teacher defends her actions.  She had recalled a recent case in which a homosexual student committed suicide after being tormented by classmates, so she considered the punishment that she gave the student to be appropriate.  She did not mean to humiliate the child.  She says she explained to the student that the meaning of the word he wrote was “deficient” which adequately described his behavior.

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