Mike Nifong is a No-Show at Hearing!

Disbarred and Disgraced Duke Lacrosse Rape Prosecutor “Disses” Court Hearing, Expected to Resign Monday

Mike Nifong, the man who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping a stripper last year and then subverted the law in his politically-motivated attempt to criminally prosecute them, failed to show up to a court hearing where his immediate removal as Durham County district attorney was to be considered today. Nifong told his attorney that he plans to resign “effective immediately” from his position on Monday and is believed to now be out of state with guitar in hand.

Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson said he would reconvene on Monday to determine whether he will accept Nifong’s resignation or just kick him out of office. Also happening in Nifong’s absence, another judge set a July 26th hearing to determine whether Nifong will be held in contempt of court for “willfully and intentionally” lying during a hearing in the discredited Duke lacrosse rape case last year. Nifong could spend up to 30 days in jail and be fined $500 if held in criminal contempt. Kind of seems like chump change for how Nifong has acted for more than the last year!

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